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What Seems Simple At First...

Ideas can seem great... in theory. Plans and visions are always optimistic. But in steps reality, and looks can be deceiving. And the reality is that remodeling is a complicated story, even for a professional. How do you keep your remodel from running away with itself? What can you do to prepare for those unforeseen obstacles? Is there any way to avoid painful twists in your perfect plans? The answer to these questions? Well... kind of yes and kind of no. Not what you wanted to hear, I'm guessing. 

Factors to Consider

If you think you've got a simple remodel on your hands, you should ask yourself some basic questions that could help you avoid surprises. 

  1. How old is the area of your house that you're remodeling? This is very important and can mean the difference between simple and complicated. The older the home, the more chances you have of complications. Construction standards have changed over time. What was once an acceptable way to build a home is no longer up to code. When you remodel an older home, you face the fact that certain areas will have to be brought up to date - and I'm not talking about the pretty, "fun" areas. I'm talking about the electrical, the structure, the plumbing, the foundation, and the thousands of other areas that could be subpar by today's standards. Also, with age comes wear and tear. A wall you intend to keep could be rotten, for example. Cha-ching. In walks the cost of replacing a wall you never planned on touching. 
  2. How much work do you plan on having done? The more work you want to do, the more work will need to be done. That statement seems obvious, but I'm talking about work that's in addition to your original plans. Let's say you want to replace the vanity in your bathroom. Should be simple? Wrong. The plumbing and drain are in the wrong place. The area for the vanity is molded from a previous leak. The flooring won't support your new granite countertop. The mirror hangs too low. The little details that creep into the picture are many. Multiply this by a dozen when you're talking about remodeling a whole room. 
  3. How much have you budgeted? The bigger the remodel, the bigger amount you should set aside for contingencies. You should always plan on the remodel costing more than you expect. No matter how detailed and comprehensive you believe your plan is, there will be a surprise. There will be something overlooked. Even the most experienced professional is not going to foresee everything. True, this is why you get bids - so a professional will tell you how much he is going to charge. But don't count on that bottom dollar always being the bottom. When the unpredictable happens, you will have to pay more. A 25% contingency allotment is a good place to start. 
  4. How fancy do you plan to get? With the fancy and the high-dollar remodels come the complications. High-end finishes can quickly get out of hand. So, you want a granite countertop. Of course! Who doesn't? Just keep in mind that beautiful new countertop will need a pretty sink to match. And a nicely tiled backsplash is pretty standard when you go with granite. So, what started as just a countertop quickly spills over. By all means, I am not discouraging you from selecting the finishes of your dreams - I would! Just know that if you go high-end in one area, you'll probably go high-end in others. It will add up. 

Avoiding the Pain

I really hope I haven't talked you out of your remodeling dreams. That's not my intention at all! What's the best way to plan and prepare and avoid surprises? Hire the right professional! Harris Renovations is both thorough and detailed in their bidding process. We don't do quick and dirty estimates - we lay out every possibility that we can foresee. We openly communicate with the homeowner from beginning to end. And we work diligently to keep the surprises as pain-free as possible. Can we predict the future and prepare for every contingency? No, unfortunately, no professional can do that. However, planning for contingencies and knowing the possibilities of specific "surprises" takes experience - and that's what Harris Renovations has. The experience and knowledge to keep your remodel from running away from you. 

Don't delay your dreams and postpone your plans because you're afraid of what might happen. Call us instead. Let Harris Renovations be the contractor that prepares you for what's ahead. You will be financially prepared. You will know what to expect. You will have a peace of mind that you're in good hands. And, when the unforeseen happens, we will tackle it head on. We will work with you to find a solution, and your completed project will be everything you could have hoped for. 

Call us today for an estimate. We would love to make your dreams come true. 

Wendy Harris

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