Courteous & Personal

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The Art of Being Courteous

It is not enough to simply be polite or cordial. As a contractor, we go the extra mile to be courteous. What does that mean? It means we place you first. It means "the customer is always right" goes a long way with us. It means you will be more than satisfied - you will be over-the-top elated with our service.

We've made this practice a habit - every worker, every day. A smile, a courteous greeting, and a positive attitude come with our work. Each worker, from your General Contractor (Casey Harris) to our newest hire, comes with the state of  mind that your project is the most important thing for Harris Renovations. We work on your home as if we were working on our own.

Proud to be Personal

Every project is different - no two are the same. We take it as a personal honor that you have chosen Harris Renovations, and we make every job a personal priority. You will have unique requests and needs that will require us to put forth more effort. You will have a vision that is more than a cookie-cutter style. You will need a contractor who knows how important every aspect of your renovation is.

Sometimes, we make mistakes or we misunderstand the plan. We know we're not perfect! However, the difference with us is that we make it right. Not only do we fix our mistakes, but we do it gladly. If we've gotten something wrong, it is our pleasure to fix it. Knowing that our efforts will make your project its personal best is what we live for.

More Than a Client

From day one, you will know that you are more than a client to us. The entire process, from assessing your job, to providing a bid, to completing the work, is done with constant communication. For example, we provide pictures of our progress, giving you a permanent visual record of your remodel. Also, we make personal phone calls on a regular basis to discuss any developments, changes, or updates. We are always available!

By the time your renovation is complete, you will know us as more than your contractor. We will be a reliable source for courteous, personal, and professional work. We will be a friend you can count on. We won't forget your name, and you won't forget ours. We know that we are taking part in creating your home - your personal space. And we don't take that lightly. Let us provide an experience that you thought was never possible. Contact us now, and we will make you so much more than just another client.

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