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A Long History of Experience

Harris Renovations opened their doors in 2016, but the history behind our company reaches further back than that! The members of our team comes with years of experience in the construction and home remodeling business. This work history is vital to our success, and the result is your dream come true. 

This company is a tight knit group, and each person plays a vital role. We all bring something special to the table that adds up to the ideal experience for you. Working with Harris Renovations is like watching a finely-tuned machine in action. This machine is the backbone of our business, and we know how to make it work for you. 

Your Contractor:  Casey Harris

As the owners and operators of Harris Renovations, Casey and Wendy Harris are two of a kind, working together seamlessly in all that they do. While Casey manages every project on-site, Wendy is behind the scenes working on the fine details. Having this business is their dream come true, and they are so excited to share this dream with you. 

Carpentry is Casey's passion, and he thrives in this area of expertise. For twenty-two years, Casey built custom cabinets for homes and businesses throughout the four-state area. His fine craftsmanship showed in every piece he produced. He is trained in all areas of home remodeling, and his knowledge is apparent from day one.

As your general contractor, Casey will work for you AND with you. Home remodeling projects are fluid and ever-changing. They require intuition from the contractor to know what is the right and best solution for each situation. Though a beautiful design looks wonderful on paper, it must come together in reality. Casey knows how to make decisions that are best for his clients. He is always communicating and coordinating with you to ensure the end result is exactly what it should be. Casey understands that he is responsible for your home, and he does not take that lightly. He is committed to perfection and refuses to take shortcuts. He will always choose the better way to perform a task and will never take the easy route out. His attention to detail is obvious! Some might call him obsessive, but we call it dedication. 

Your Go-To:  Wendy Harris

Wendy provides all the support, a position in which she has much experience. Even in high school and throughout the college years, Wendy worked as an assistant. She has played administrative roles in companies such as Time Warner and Blue Cross Blue Shield. She has been blessed in the career she's led, and she brings that history and knowledge to Harris Renovations. As the client, you will work with Wendy closely to iron out financials, schedules, special requests, and all the other little details that are so necessary in a remodeling project. Wendy believes that friendliness and professionalism go a long way, and putting the client first is her number one job. You will work with Wendy closely throughout your project, establishing a relationship that cultivates positive results. She can't wait to meet you!

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