Hiring a Handyman


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Choosing a handyman is a personal decision. This is someone who is coming into your house - your home - getting free reign to make repairs. It's a lot of trust you're placing in our hands, and we get that. We don't take lightly that you're counting on us to put together the pieces of something broken or improve the space of something special. Every handyman should have this attitude. 

A Handyman is More Than Just Handy

Please don't let the title fool you. Many people associate the handyman as the average Joe who can handle a hammer and nail. Harris Renovations is so much more than that! We are the Jack of All Trades, and the Master of Many Things! Our experience and knowledge allows us to tackle an array of jobs. And our expertise is evident in our work. 

Almost every house has a laundry list of "honey-do's" that never seem to get done. Little improvements that we wish would get fixed. A storm door that doesn't shut right. A soft spot in the floor. Cabinet doors that don't hang right. A leaking sink. Oh, how the list just keeps going!

The good news is that Harris Renovations is the perfect handyman for all these jobs and more. We work quickly and efficiently, and we do the job right. Big or small, we can tackle that list for you. 

But Is This Handyman Professional?

Before you invite us, or any contractor, into your home, you want to dot your i's and cross your t's. Specifically, you want to make sure your contractor or handyman has business insurance. Nothing is more important than knowing that you're working with someone who is protected and covered should something go wrong. 

Business insurance protects YOU should there be any damage done in the process of the work. For example, if a contractor brings in equipment that then damages the structure of your home, his business insurance will cover that damage. Without it, you may be left footing a hefty bill. 

Always Communicate Your Expectations

Harris Renovations wants and needs your feedback and input. From the first phone call to the final visit, we want to know what you think. Do you have questions? Concerns? Not sure about the process? Please! Voice those thoughts! We love to hear what our clients have to say. Communication is key to ensuring we do the job correctly and to your satisfaction. After all, this is our number one goal!

Wendy Harris

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