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Insurance for You

From day one, Harris Renovations knew the importance of having insurance. Proper coverage doesn't just protect us, it protects you. General Liability Insurance for a Business is more than just a priority, it's a necessity. This type of insurance is all about protecting the client, but how?

There are a number of ways in which General Liability Insurance can help you. The insurance world is complicated, but the key points of General Liability are fairly easy to understand. Thus, we've broken down the major highlights of this coverage for you below. Read on to see why every general contractor should have this coverage. 

1. Medical Expense Coverage

A construction site is no place to play around. But, when the construction is happening inside your home, it can be an area that's hard to avoid. What if you trip over scaffolding in your sixteen-foot-high hallway (yes, we've done scaffolding in sixteen-foot-high hallways)? A number of injuries could happen - a sprained wrist, a twisted ankle, a dislocated shoulder. What if the fall is serious and you need an ambulance ride to the hospital? Who is going to pay for all these expenses? Our General Liability Insurance will! From the ambulance ride to all the doctors' bills that are incurred, liability insurance will take care of all medical expenses. No lawsuits required! Harris Renovations quickly and easily files the claim for you, and our friendly and efficient coverage kicks in. 

2. Damaged Property

Accidents happen. Construction is a risky business when you consider the tools involved and the work performed. Tearing down walls, ripping up floors, demolishing cabinets. Every contractor is responsible for their actions and the actions of their employees. If a member of the Harris Renovations crew accidentally breaks something of yours, it is covered. To date, we have never damaged anyone's property, but we are prepared for the instance if it happens. Our clients belongings are just as important to us as they are to them. We have made sure they're protected. 

3. Your Privacy and Reputation

Though we would never intentionally violate your privacy or slander your reputation, this is an area in which General Liability Insurance is effective. If Harris Renovations ever misuses your information or makes a false statement regarding you, then we are prepared to rectify that immediately with our General Liability coverage. Of course, this is a part of our policy we never intend to use because our clients' are the most important asset we have. 

Beyond Harris Renovations

Take comfort in knowing that our coverage is extensive. When you're dealing with us, you may also be dealing with our business partners, stockholders, directors, subsidiaries, employees, contracted vendors, and volunteers. These extensions of Harris Renovations all fall under our insurance policy, protecting you even more. 

If we outsource any work for your project (i.e. the electrical), then this vendor and his actions will be covered by our general liability. Most likely, a vendor such as an electrician or plumber will have their own general liability insurance. In fact, we make sure that they do before we work with them. However, should there be any problems with their coverage, you can count on Harris Renovations' coverage to kick in. 

Questions? Just Ask!

As the client, you have the right to be informed. Not only can Harris Renovations provide you with proof of insurance, we can answer specific questions you might have. And, if we don't know the answer, you can always call our agent directly. Furthermore, we encourage you to do so! Peace of mind is priceless, and we want you to have that. Remodeling, renovating, construction - the whole process - it will be stressful. Remove some stress by knowing you are protected.

Contact us today with your inquiries. Not only are we happy to answer your questions, but we're happy to show off our worth as a general contractor! You have many choices when it comes to contractors, and we want you to choose Harris Renovations. Knowing we are properly insured is just one more of many reasons why you should use us for your remodeling needs. 

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