Choosing Your Floors Wisely

Our floors take up quite a bit of square footage, so we should take great care when we consider what floors we are laying down. Many factors go into consideration, and the ultimate decision will [...]

The Value of Interior Design

Who doesn’t love looking at the pictures of homes in the architectural and design magazines? The beautifully decorated rooms are enough to drool over! Gourmet kitchens with high-end finishes, bedrooms with lavish linens, and bathrooms [...]

Prioritizing Your Renovation Budget

Unless you’ve just moved into a brand new, custom-built home, then you’ve probably got a list of renovations you’d like to tackle. They may be minor, cosmetic changes. Or, perhaps it’s a longer wish list [...]

Keep Calm and Avoid Contingencies

  Ideas can seem great, and plans are always optimistic. But looks can be deceiving and reality can be harsh. And the reality is that remodeling is a complicated story, even for a professional. How [...]

When a Little DIY is a Big NO

Many homeowners pride themselves on their abilities to take care of their own home. And there is no shame in this! Nothing is more satisfying than finishing a project that you have done yourself, accomplished [...]

Your Bathroom Is Your Oasis

  Retreating to our bathroom should be like escaping to an oasis. It should provide relief and relaxation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. All too often, the bathroom has become the chaotic room [...]

Kitchens Are the Heart of the Home

In so many homes, the kitchen is the heart. It is much more than a place to prepare food. Families gather, reunions take place, quiet conversations are held, coffee is sipped, and bonds are formed. [...]

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