Kitchens Are the Heart of the Home

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In so many homes, the kitchen is the heart, working as so much more than a place to prepare food. Families gather, company is entertained, conversations are held, and bonds are formed. Investing the remodeling dollars into this space is money well-spent. Not only does it add to your resale value, but it makes for improved living.


When renovating a kitchen, the wish list can get lengthy. You can pour over the pictures of luxury kitchens and peruse the appliance stores for top-of-the-line refrigerators. Sticker shock is sometimes devastating, making you believe you’ll never have the kitchen of your dreams. Don’t despair. Harris Renovations has helped many homeowners achieve the kitchen they never thought possible.


Like any home improvement project, you can dream big. But, when it’s time to execute the plans, you’ll need to separate the dreams from reality. What is an unnecessary splurge? What is a logical, worthwhile investment? How can you save money without compromising quality? All of these questions are part of the process that Harris Renovations will walk you through.


Decide What’s Important


Every homeowner’s needs are different, and the demands of your kitchen will not be the same as your neighbors. Perhaps you need updated appliances, but your neighbor needs more cabinet space. Your remodeling plans will look very different.

One or more of the following categories may be a top priority for you.


  • Changing the layout
  • Gaining more cabinet/storage space
  • Upgrading your appliances
  • Improving the aesthetics of the kitchen


You may be thinking that all these categories are important, and they all need to be updated now! Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t always allow for everything right now. What area is hurting you the most? What is the most inconvenient? From what improvement would you benefit the most? Answer these questions, and the prioritizing of your budget will become obvious.


harris renovations, remodel, kitchen, bathroom, carthage, webb city, joplin, neosho, missouri, design, 3d rendering, interior, contractor, cabinets, certified, construction, custom, NKBA, shower, tile


Going Custom


When looking at the different elements of the kitchen, the cabinets come to the forefront of most homeowner’s mind. They play such a pivotal role in the overall space. They define the layout of the room and provide the storage for nearly everything. Furthermore, cabinets are most likely the largest component of the kitchen and can set the mood for everything else. For example, bright white cabinets will create a much different look than stained espresso.


Given the impact of cabinets, you should invest in them accordingly. Solid wood, custom cabinets are the standard that many people have come to expect in their kitchens. Harris Renovations has developed a strong relationship with our cabinetmaker, and we know their craftsmanship is second to none. Visiting the cabinet showroom is one of the key points in the planning process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.


In addition to wood species, stain or paint color, door fronts, drawer styles, and hardware, you can choose many other additional features. Built-in and pull-out options seem endless, including spice racks, trash bins, pots and pans organizers, utensil bins, cutlery dividers, and more.


We believe that the 3D renderings offered by Harris Renovations are pivotal to the cabinet design. As a design-build firm, we are one of few contractors who offer 3D renderings. Seeing your cabinets in a 3D layout is the best way to plan and envision the final space.


Top It Off


You can’t have cake without frosting, and you can’t have cabinets without countertops. Many people are overwhelmed by the options, while others believe their options are limited. Rest assured, there is a countertop for everyone, and picking the one for you does not have to be a headache or a budget-breaker.


Harris Renovations believes in strong relationships with our vendors, and our stone supplier is no exception! We work closely with every client through the design process, which always includes a visit to the stone yard! Not only do you have the opportunity to see dozens of options, but you will also get undevoted attention and a wealth of information. Don’t worry – no salesman will be hovering over you!


Finding the Floor


Decision-making is endless in a remodel, including the type of flooring you will install. Being informed is the path to the perfect floor. Though you have quite a few options, two deserve the most mentioning.


Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles – Forget the dated vinyl floors of the 1970’s. This floor mimics the look of real hardwood or stone and offers the worry-free feature of being waterproof. Yes, waterproof!


Tile – You can count on tile to be timeless. It is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchens. Technology makes it possible to achieve nearly any look, even hardwood and natural stone, with tiles.


Yes, this is a short list indeed. Why so picky? Flooring trends have come and gone. Some materials are outdated and not worth the investment. Other materials that were on-fire popular are now a homeowner’s regret because of their incompatibility with the kitchen. In this room of the house, you need a waterproof and durable floor with a classic look. When you look at so many of the other options, you will find that they do not fit the bill.


harris renovations, remodel, kitchen, bathroom, carthage, webb city, joplin, neosho, missouri, design, 3d rendering, interior, contractor, cabinets, certified, construction, custom, NKBA, shower, tile

The Harris Renovations Advantage


Many contractors can put kitchen remodeling on their resume. But, not all contractors are created equal. If you’ve been through a kitchen remodel before, you may have had a bad experience. Lack of communication is probably the biggest struggle. Perhaps the estimate you were given was nowhere close to the amount you were invoiced. Were you left alone to do all the shopping for flooring, light fixtures, hardware, and many other fine details? Or maybe some choices were made for you, without asking what you preferred. All of this is assuming your contractor showed up to do the job!


With Harris Renovations, you won’t find these challenges. Casey and Wendy Harris are obsessed with providing perfection. Wendy is certified with the National Kitchen and Bath Association as a Kitchen and Bath Designer. Working with a certified kitchen designer can give you the peace of mind that your kitchen will be both functional and beautiful. Casey’s years of experience, focused on interior remodeling, always result in client satisfaction.


At the end of your remodel, your kitchen will be the heart of your home. Even when compromise is necessary, we will ensure you choose an option that you can still enjoy. Harris Renovations will help you keep the priorities a priority, and we will focus on the areas that are most important to you. You deserve to enjoy your kitchen, where you can create memories to last a lifetime.


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