The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A Brief History of Harris Renovations

Like any company, Harris Renovations’ history has its ups and downs. From our original business model, we have grown into something more than anyone ever imagined. What would be a small, handyman service has turned into a high-end, design-build firm. At one time, Casey labored through remodeling projects with his younger brother, while Wendy offered as much help as possible around her full-time job. However, the evolution of business is inevitable. We now are a crew of six! Casey is so grateful to work with his brothers – Corey and Craig – along with our son, Tyler, and our “adopted” family, Wayne. Wendy works full-time as the designer and project manager. From the beginning, business exploded, keeping our schedule full. Quickly, we chose residential interior remodeling as our niche, focusing on kitchens and bathrooms. Having such a narrow specialty has honed our skills and benefited our clients!

Of course, let us not forget history and the roots from where we came! Thus, we share some stories with you. We share because we are real. Not everything has come up roses for us, but so many things have! If only we had captured every moment to chronicle the ENTIRE history of Harris Renovations – what a story that would be! “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” will always be a page in progress. Many of our projects are missing from this page, simply because we didn’t take sufficient pictures or we haven’t had time to add the story. We hope you enjoy reading about our ride as much as we’ve enjoyed being on it!

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