The Value of Interior Design

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Who doesn’t love looking at the pictures of homes in the architectural and design magazines? The beautifully decorated rooms are enough to drool over! Gourmet kitchens with high-end finishes, bedrooms with lavish linens, and bathrooms that look like a spa! It all seems so out of reach and unachievable.

How in the world did those homeowners attain such perfection? Every pillow, every throw, every decoration – all perfectly coordinated to create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere. Some people simply have that knack for the fabulous flair. While some flounder in the home décor section of stores, wondering which frame will compliment the picture.

If you’re like the majority of the population, and your home does not look like a magazine cover, then you might feel discouraged when you see gorgeous pictures. Don’t despair – hope is just around the corner. When you want that magazine look, the solution is obvious – hire an interior designer.

Interior Design for All

Before you tell yourself that an interior designer is out of your reach and too “fancy” for your space, consider some of these points.

  1. Designers will work with your budget – that’s their job. Even if you’re only selecting paint and new furniture, a designer can help to coordinate these selections.
  2. Even a modest room can benefit from a designer’s touch. There is no “minimum requirement” to hire an interior designer. They can decorate an entire house or one room.
  3. Hiring a designer will give you options you didn’t even know you had. One major benefit of this professional trade is their access to the most current products and their knowledge of the most up-to-date designing trends.
  4. You will enjoy your professionally designed space more and for many years. Love the space you’re in by maximizing every dollar and incorporating the perfect look for you.

harris renovations, contractor, remodel, interior design, kitchen, bathroom, carthage, webb city, joplin, missouri

Selecting Your Designer

Even before construction begins, you should start thinking about the final design of your new space. Consulting with a professional as early as possible is ideal. Someone knowledgeable of interior design can offer very valuable advice throughout the entire process. But, how do you know if you’re hiring the right designer for you?

First, ask your contractor if they have worked with any interior designers and if they have recommendations. Friends and family might have experience with a designer and may be able to suggest a qualified professional. You can also research designers in your area on Houzz, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor.

Online Interior Designers are a great way to access exceptional talent from all over the country. A simple Google search will yield a long list of agencies that can provide outstanding services tailored to you. Their websites are an excellent resource to find the designer with a style that matches yours.

Before hiring someone, you should ask to see examples of his or her work. Referrals from previous clients should also be available. Most importantly, you should get a “good vibe” from the designer you want to hire. He or she should make you feel like they are listening to you and you’re in good hands.

Design Services to Consider

Whether you’re sprucing up a bathroom or tackling every room in the house, a designer can offer an array of services to benefit you.

  1. Color Consultation – Nothing sets the mood of the room like the color on the walls. Coordinating this color with the elements of the room along with other rooms in the house is challenging, to say the least. An interior designer can identify the colors that match your taste, mesh well with your décor, and will be timeless for years to come.
  2. Flooring – The floors are a large surface in your home that can tie together multiple rooms and create a unified look. But, selecting a floor that compliments the many elements of your home and serves your needs well is no easy task. Designers are familiar with the many flooring options and have access to many colors and finishes that you won’t find in your local store.
  3. Furniture and Décor – When the construction dust settles, it’s time to fill those new rooms! But, where to begin? Whether you’re adding general decoration or replacing all your furniture, a designer can make the shopping experience enjoyable.

Having a designer with you from beginning to end, helping you make all your selections, is the best way to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. What tile looks best around your new shower? How will you incorporate accent tile? Where can you find comfortable towels that go well with the tile and the wall color? Have you selected a complimentary metal for your bathroom fixtures? Pour through Pinterest and scour the home décor stores but getting the look you want is best tackled by a designing professional.

harris renovations, contractor, remodel, interior design, kitchen, bathroom, carthage, webb city, joplin, missouri

The Cost of a Good Design

Most people assume an interior designer will cost way too much than they can afford. But, if you consider how much your total remodel will cost, the designing is only a fraction of that cost. In fact, the more you invest into your remodel, the more it makes sense to hire a professional to design it. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on improving your house, then you should get the look you really want.

One option for cost-effective designing is to seek the service of an online interior designer. Most agencies offering their service online will customize a design package perfect for you. They may have flat rates based on the room or the service that is offered. Hourly rates are an option, as well, if your needs are minimal and specific. In this Online Interior Designer Article, several agencies are highlighted, along with their respective prices. Services range from $85 for a single-room, paint consultation to an average of $500 per room for full-service designing.

Of course, local designers come with many benefits, too. Having that face-to-face time with a professional allows you to establish a connection. In person, a designer can really capture your style and preferences. The cost will vary greatly depending on the experience of your designer, your location in the country, and the services you are seeking. In the mid-West, a good designer might charge anywhere from $150 for a multi-room, paint consultation to an average of $750 for a full-service, single-room design.

Reap the Rewards

Remodeling and designing your space is intimidating. The many decisions are mind-boggling and overwhelming. A professional can simplify the process of making your space look like a dream come true. Love the space you’re in and enjoy it for many years to come with the help of an interior designer!

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